Nowadays, we encounter from time to time but until we meet the word disease or patient is a word which we have created as a result of negligence but most of the time we know that we have a solution. Now let’s add the word cancer to this word. How do you feel? Does it look like you are lost on a road that you don’t know the end of it, or you are desperate in fear on the road which you know. In addition to our previous words, let’s add the word breast. Result: Breast Cancer Patient. Maybe it’s one of the things that a woman is most afraid of. Although the first time we heard the impact of the word of cancer on the psychological and physiological balance we feel at every point of our body, it is important that early diagnosis plays a strong role in breast cancer  and we should not forget this word for life and disrupt our controls.

    One of the first things that comes to mind when a woman says breast cancer is the possibility of losing her breasts. First of all, let’s put this to the expression sweetie: Your breasts don’t make you a woman, it makes you a beautiful woman when you feel your heart and yourself. No matter what breasts are! But of course, being a healthy individual is above all important and it needs to be dealt with in a completely independent way. You know, although the incidence is higher for women, men can also have breast cancer. In developed countries, it is seen in 1 out of every 8 women, and 1 in every 100 breast cancers is seen in men, and most of the symptoms are just like in women.

     If we go back to women, unfortunately, we can be both fussy and unconscious because of the rapid flow of life and focal points of interest. Many women do not have enough information about the examination of breast cancer or claim to know the fear of being ignorant of the environment.

   We are designing a bra under intelligent wearable technologies made of a special fabric integrated with the mobile application for the early diagnosis of breast cancer as the Triwi team. If you think about it, maybe you will have a friend who will talk to you and take care of you, make the necessary measurements and also give you feedback on the phone. What do you say? In this era, everyone needs new friends who will understand you better than you !