How does the Rokka work ?

Place the Rokka

You have completed the first step to feel strong

Open the app and follow the necessary steps by logging into the application.

You have completed the second step by entering the Rokka world. Welcome!

Mark the date you want to measure on the calendar and start the measurement.

While you are waiting for time to finish, you have already done your other work and completed the third step.

The topographic map of the breast is processed and the data is transferred to the application

You have easily completed the fourth step without losing time.

According to the results, the application tells you the location, mass size and change

You have already completed fifth step by chatting with Rokka.

The results are saved to the archive and the application reminds you for later checks

You have completed the last step by feeling safe, happy and strong. Congratulations!

What is ROKKA?

Imagine that you have the necessary controls and follow-ups with a smart bra with an integrated mobile app. Who knows, maybe your best friend Rokka will understand and listen to you…

Thanks to the application we developed with Rokka, by examination only 5 minutes per month, you can find out the position, size and change of your breast, if any, according to the topographical map of your breast as a result of these measurements.

How do I get the Rokka?

Register the system and complete the pre-order form by following the steps below. We will notify you in a short time about the product.

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to be a part of our family

Leave us an e-mail

when the product is ready for sale, you get your news before. Let us send you an email about how to buy the product.

Download the app

After purchasing the product, download our application and start to use it.


  • Working women with high awareness
  • Women who have observed the process of chemotherapy in their immediate environment
  • Women who follow the mass
  • Women with high genetich risk
  • 55 years and over retired women who care about health
You know, although the incidence is higher for women, men can also have breast cancer. In developed countries, it is seen in 1 out of every 8 women, and 1 in every 100 breast cancers is seen in men, and most of the symptoms are just like in women.
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What Do We Say The Most?

According to the results of our survey, the typical things that women say the most. Do you say such things?

How often do you go to the doctor?
I don't go to the doctor all the time. But when I'm sick, I go to the doctor.
Do you know how to perform a breast self examination?
Yeah, I know, but I don't remember when I last did.
If you feel a mass, can you contact the doctor directly?
I go to the doctor immediately, because I'm afraid.

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